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Berliner U7 Cardioid Tube Microphone

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The U7 is a Vacuum Tube Condenser Microphone powered by the supplied N7 PSU which is hand built in the USA operating on 110/220v.

The U7 is a fixed cardioid microphone featuring a 6-micron gold-evaporated Mylar capsule which is hand built and hand tuned for maximum sensitivity, long life, superb detail and tone . The capsule also utilities a specially designed gold-plated centre element enhancing the transient response and creating a gentle rise in the upper frequencies. The body is hand-tooled from brass.

The U7 utilities a hand tested NOS GE 6072 vacuum tube chosen for its low distortion, superior signal to noise ratio and minimum sensitivity to mechanical vibration. It also employs a carefully engineered, custom wound output transformer.

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